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Substance Abuse:

Parents are the most important influence in a teen’s decision about drug and alcohol use. The best way to help your child stay off of drugs is to talk about it before it happens. Teens are still developing judgment and decision making skills that limit their ability to assess risks accurately and make sound, well thought out decisions about drugs and alcohol. There are many outside influences that are tempting your child, at school and in the community. Your child’s best defense against those forces is you!

Despite your best efforts to keep your child drug free, you may have noticed “something ” is going on. You just can’t put your finger on it but you know something is different. Behaviors and attitudes change as a result of these chemicals. You can visit and answer some questions that will help you know if there is a chance your child is using drugs or alcohol.

If you decide there may be a problem,

What next?

What do you do?

Whom do you contact?

There are many resources available to help you know what to do or who to ask. Don’t hesitate! Contact someone who can help! You can talk to:
your child’s doctor
or his/her school
or you can contact a substance abuse counselor
or your minister, priest or rabbi

But get help for your child!

Get Connected Family Resource Center is also available to help. We have Family Navigators who have personally dealt with this issue in their families. We can help you find the resources for the help you need.

Get Connected Family Resource Center • Carroll Non-Profit Center • 255 Clifton Blvd. • Westminster, Maryland 21157 • 410.871.0008

The Get Connected Family Resource Center is a program of Mosaic Community Services, Inc. and is funded through the Carroll County Local Management Board.