• Rape Crisis Intervention Services of Carroll County: 410-857-0900
• Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Abuse
• Maryland Sex Offender Registry
• Parents Trauma Resource Center: 877-306-5256
• Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence
• Rape Abuse Incest National Network: 800-656-4673
• Teen Dating Violence: 340-773-9272
• Carroll County Department of Juvenile Justice: 410-871-3600
• Carroll County Sherriff's Office: 410-386-2900
• Carroll County State's Attorney: 410-386-2671
• Carroll County Youth Services Bureau: 410-848-2500
• Carroll Hospital Center Sexual Assault Forensic Exam (S.A.F.E.): 410-871-6655
• Family and Children's Services of Central Maryland: 410-876-1233
• NAACP of Carroll County Branch 7014: 410-751-7667
• Child Welfare Information Gateway
• National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
• Rape Crisis Hotline: Hotline 410-857-7322
• Maryland Community Services Locator: 301-405-9796
• Resources For Maryland Families
• Family Law Administration/ Circuit Court of Carroll County: 410-386-2751
• Voices for Children of Carroll County: 410-840-2495
• Carroll County Department of Social Services: 410-386-3434
• Human Services Program - Domestic Violence: 410-857-0077
• Locklear, Eileen PhD: 410-857-4764
• Carroll County Community Mediation Center: 410-848-1764

Interpersonal Violence:

Interpersonal violence happens to boys and girls. Offenders can be either sex as well. Victims often blame themselves. It’s important to always remember that the decision to commit the act of violence was the offenders and that the victim is never to blame. Being vulnerable because of circumstances or poor judgment is never justification for any kind of assault.

Common reactions to interpersonal violence are:

  • Distressing recollections, memories or dreams of the event
  • Sleep or eating problems
  • Phobias, fears or panic attacks
  • Anxiety, irritation or extreme sadness
  • Physical problems
  • Avoidance of activities, people or places or of touch
  • Inability to recall an important aspect of the trauma.
  • Withdrawal and lack of interest or avoidance of school, activities or friends.
  • Numbness
  • Difficulty concentrating or remembering.
  • Constant state of alert.
  • Easily startled
  • Running Away, Substance Abuse, Risk taking behaviors
  • Stomach aches, headaches
  • Self mutilation or suicidal feelings
  • Self blame

A child who has experienced Interpersonal Violence can take years to completely heal, with symptoms often resurfacing years later. It is important to get your child help once they are safe. As their parent you can help your child by: BELIEVING, listening, don’t judge, help them get safe, be available, let them know they aren’t to blame, be patient and understanding, encourage action, don’t be overly protective, accept their choice of solution, put aside your own personal feelings and deal with them somewhere else.

There are many places in Carroll County to get support and help if anyone in your family is experiencing or reacting to any kind of Interpersonal Violence. The Get Connected Family Resource Center will help you locate these resources.

Get Connected Family Resource Center • Carroll Non-Profit Center • 255 Clifton Blvd. • Westminster, Maryland 21157 • 410.871.0008

The Get Connected Family Resource Center is a program of Mosaic Community Services, Inc. and is funded through the Carroll County Local Management Board.